• Date: Sunday 10 September 2017
  • Place: Bologna
  • Starting from: 105,00 €

Bologna Half Marathon - Sunday 10th September 2017

Bologna's amazing half marathon "Run Tune Up" starts and finishes in the heart of the city: Piazza Maggiore. It's 21,097 km of emotions in a city full of history and culture, ready to guest the aficionados from all over the world. A unique feature with a course in the historical city center which is traffic free for the event. The participants will run alongside the longest porch in Europe. 
Live music and local people along the course will cheer all runners. After the finish line a great party awaits all participants and in the Expò area you may taste the traditional handmade "panino con la mortadella". Run Tune Up is sport, music and much more fun and one of the most important International half marathons in Italy. Everybody may register with a valid health form. This year, the organization of the Rune Tune Up,  is proud to present the Mezza & Mezza ... but what is it ? It is definitely a relay NON COMPETITIVE a group of friends, girlfriends, husband and wife, workout buddies, co-workers, everyone can participate, from 16 years onwards. The two relay runners, will share in about half the route of 21,097 km. The first will leave from the two towers and the second will give a change change in Piazza XX Settembre. To participate in HALF & HALF medical certificate is not required! It will not be a classification, but you will see the times of the participants on the portal Unisalute Run Tune Up. Each member shall be entitled to Half & Half the goody bag and all amenities race.
You can't miss it!
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Entry fee can be booked and added to our WeRunItaly packages with the following prices:
From 1 February to 31 May              € 20.00
From 1 June to 10 August                € 25.00
From 11 August to 6 September      € 30.00
For disabled athletes the register is FREE
For foreign runners, a medical certificate for fitness and Athletics released by an authorized sports doctor is requested.
Pick up of the bib : Saturday 10SEP from 10:00 to 18:30, Sunday 11SEP from 07:30 to 09:00


The heart of Bologna is Piazza Maggiore (Major square), centre of the religious and civil life of this city. It’s celebrated for the Fonatana di Nettuno (Neptune’s fountain) and for the ancient medieval buildings that give onto the square. The Palazzo comunale (City Hall), the Palazzo dei Bianchi, the imposing San Petronio Basilica and in front of the basilica the Palazzo del Podestà (Palace of the Podesta). People call it “City of archades”. What would be Bologna without its arcades?  This city is covered by arcades for almost 40 kilometres. The style of these can be very different, for example, you can see the elegant arcades of the Church of Santa Maria dei Servi or the painted arcades of Piazza Malpinghi. The arcades aren’t only an architectural element but they represent the essence of this city. In the summertime they are a perfect refuge from the sun and in the cold seasons a perfect refuge from the rain. There is also “The Pinacoteca Nazionale”, one of the most important museum collections in Italy.  You can see painting of artists as Raffaello, Carracci, Reni and other personalities connected to Bologna. The museum has thirty exposition rooms and spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions and didactic activities. The Pinacoteca besides exposing, preserves, keeps and studies the artistic patrimony of the city of Bologna and of all the Emilia Romagna region. Bologna’s gastronomy is very known in the world, the typical dishes of this region are often rated among the symbols of the quality made in Italy. The famed tortelli,  egg pasta and pork, ragù, the tagliatelle, the lasagne, bechamel sauce and grated parmigiana and the breaded cutlet. You have to try all of these things, for sure!