• Date: Saturday 15 July 2017
  • Place: Resia
  • Starting from: 80,00 €

Lake Resia Marathon - Saturday 15th July 2017

For those who he had never heard of, the Tour of Lake Resia is a great running event, and certainly not only a 15K. For a day and more, the small village of Curon Venosta - a few kilometers from the Reschenpass and the Austrian border - become home to a happening with all the trappings of the great event: massive participation, international environment, excellent organization, bewitching charm of the place and great competition. Really worth the deal of the weekend traffic to get to this corner of Italy (and Alto Adige, or Sued Tirol if you prefer...) and take part in a wonderful ride that winds circling the edges of Lake Resia amid the green low mountains of Val Venosta. In summer, when there are usually no road races, it is an excellent opportunity to keep alive the competitive spirit and spend a nice weekend in the mountains.The route of 15.3 km that circuita the lake in a beautiful landscape is perfect for a game, fun and challenging and the right - for pure asphalters - allows you to compete without having to face a trail.
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Main Event + stroke JUST FOR FUN + Nordic Walking + disabled
Registration until July 09th 2017        EUR   32.00
Late registration on July 14th 2017     EUR   50.00 
CHILDREN "Apple" RACE                   EUR   10.00
Reimbursement of the registration fee 
From 10. - 14.07.2016 : closed registrations
Registration deadline
Entries close July 09, 2017 at 24.00 hours. The subscription will be closed until July 14th 2017.
Late registrations
Late entries can registered on Friday (07/14/2017) from 14.00 to 20.00 and in the day of competition (07/15/2017) from 08.00 to 16.00 hours in the starting area / arrival to collect race.
Late fee : 50,00 Euro
Participants in the race CHILDREN do not pay the late fee.

Lake Resia 

The Lago di Resia is an artificial reservoir in the west of South Tyrol, to be precise at Curon in Val Venosta. Its striking landmark - a steeple towering from the lake - does not only individuate this lake, but is in fact symbol of the entire valley. Directly at the lakeshore there are the villages of Curon, Resia as well as the hamlets of Casone and Spin. Up to the year 1950, there were three lakes in this area: Lago di Resia, “Mittersee” (also known as Lago di Curon) and Lago della Muta. In 1950, however, when the reservoir was dammed, the locality of Curon as well as much of Resia were flooded and destroyed. The only remnant of old Curon is the steeple, which still towers out of the waters. There are several narrations and sagas around this historical happening and the steeple. In the waters of the lake, various fish species like vendaces, brown trouts, perch, pikes and rainbow trouts splash around. At the lakeshore, however, people enjoy walking, nordic walking and jogging. The deep blue Lago di Resia is a popular destination both for tourists and inhabitants, also due to its location in picturesque surrounding. It is also perfect for relaxing.In summer, Lake Resia is a mekka for kitesurfers, as this place features the right wind conditions. Due to the same reason, in winter it offers ideal conditions for ice sailers and ice surfers. At the west end of the lake, there is the valley station of the Belpiano skiing area. By the way: it is said that sometimes you can hear the bells ring from the depths of the lake. Food and wine tourism in Trentino-Alto Adige is now officially one of the main tourist attractions of the region. A wide variety of eating establishments provide visitors with ample opportunity to explore the regional foods. One of the best ways to experience traditional Tyrolean food is discovered on outdoor excursions, where hungry bikers can enjoy a typical lunch of speck, cheese and Schüttelbrot in one of many country-style pubs located in alpine meadows, or in the Törggelen cellars. This region of Italy, with its northern location and historical roots lying more in Austria and Germany than in the Mediterranean, will stretch your preconceptions of what exactly is “Italian” food.