• Date: Sunday 15 October 2017
  • Place: Garda
  • Starting from: 150,00 €

International Lake Garda Marathon - Sunday 15th October 2017

Lake Garda is an unique environment, in which the interaction of lake and mountains creates such a special landscape that touches your soul. The lush natural landscape invites you to enjoy a vacation, in the certain sign of relaxation, but also and above all in the sign of the rediscovery of themselves, of their physical size, the contact with the environment, sport and wellness. For this was born the International Lake Garda Marathon, to consolidate, to exalt, to blow up the distinctive character of the tourist offer of this territorial system; running on a dazzling October morning along the crystalline waters of Lake will demonstrate everything we are famous for. At Lake Garda you'll find a huge offer of history, culture and tradition, a warm and friendly hospitality awaits all athletes who decide to enroll in the International Lake Garda Marathon and their families, friends and companions to give them a glimpse of its features and peculiarities.


Here comes the edition number 10 of Lake Garda Marathon and all its events. The weekend of 15/16 October Torbole sul Garda and Malcesine will come back to get excited about: Night Run Torbole, Lake Garda Marathon , 30K Run Long Lake
Garda , Lake Garda Run 15K.

Registration fees for each event:
Lake Garda Marathon
The race will take place Sunday, October 15th, 2017, departing at 9:30 am from Malcesine
from 0 to 300 athletes                36,00 €
from 301 to 600 athletes            41,00 €
from 601 to 1.000 athletes         46,00 €

Lake Garda Long Run 30K
The race will take place Sunday, October 15, 2017 , departing at 9:30 am from Malcesine
from 0 to 300 athletes                34,00 €
from 301 to 600 athletes            38,00 €
from 601 to 1.000 athletes         44,00 €

Lake Garda Run 15K is a non-competitive race
The race will take place Sunday, October 15th, 2017, departing from Malcesine ( center) and arrival in Torbole sul Garda. Departure scheduled for 9.40 am following the departure of Marathon and 30 Km.
from 0 to 300 athletes                25,00 €
from 301 to 600 athletes            30,00 €
from 601 to 1.000 athletes         33,00 €

Torbole Night Run 12K  is a non-competitive race
Saturday, October 14th, 2017 at 19.30 from the lakeside of Torbole , Colonia Pavese area. While in the village of Marathon there will be a pasta party, competitors with the stack on the front will start from Torbole and after a few kilometers, at Storm's End, you will relay on the mountainside, beginning a truly fascinating journey. It is a path whose views are truly breathtaking.
from 0 to 300 athletes                25,00 €
from 301 to 1.000 athletes         30,00 €


Garda Lake area benefits from mild temperature which grants warm winters, the perfect location for your relaxing and wellness holiday. One of the main features of the northern part of Garda Lake area is the Mediterranean climate, deeply influenced by the lake, which offers warm and mild winters. A popular destination for sportsmen during summer (ideal for windsurfing, sailing, climbing, mountain biking), which becomes a beautiful place where to spend your winter holidays, surrounded by the charming atmosphere of many local lakes, medieval castles, monuments and buildings of historical and artistic value. The huge expanse of water is divided into two different parts: the strait northern half, wild like a fjord, enclosed by overhanging mountain chains, and the wide southern field,  which includes the long peninsula hosting the city of Sirmione. The east shore is dominated by the mountain chain of Monte Baldo: Altissimo (2078 m), Pozzette (2128 m), Valdritta (2218 m), Telegrafo (2200 m). The calcareous wall welcomes an amazing succession of grazing lands, woods, rocks, little valleys and hills, cypress together with olive tree fields and vineyards, scattered houses next to tiny villages. The west side, between Riva and Gargnano, appears as a rocky cliff including irregular summits: Pari Peak (1991 m), Carone (1621 m), Denervo (1460 m), Castello, Pizzocolo (1582 m). Beyond the mountains constriction, the Lake takes another shape in the south, reaching Gargnano: the coast is overall strait and  smooth  up to the rock of Manerba (218 m). The line descends to Desenzano and Peschiera, moving upwards to Lazise, Bardolino and Garda, until S. Vigilio, conclusion of the circle. Besides Sarca, there are some minor rivers that flow into the Lake: Varone, Albola and Ponale; San Giovanni (Limone), Campione (San Michele), Brasa, Toscolano, Bornico, Barbarano. Moreover Aril, entering the Lake at Cassone, is renowned to be the  shortest river in the World (150 m). The only emissary is Mincio, exiting the Lake at Peschiera. Three regions overlook Lake Garda, each with their own individual character, landscape and culture, which also influences the local cuisine and food and wine specialities. The most typical product is the extra virgin olive oil, renowned for its lightness and delicacy, which goes well with freshwater fish from the lake and traditional country dishes of meat and polenta. The Alto Garda area is home to the unique lemon houses, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The citrus fruits of Lake Garda, are an important ingredient in many local recipes, including Limoncino liqueurand lemon cream of the Riviera dei Limoni, a citron-flavored beverage, and sweets. An ideal accompaniment to each dish is the excellent wine produced in the Garda vineyards: Nosiola, Merlot, Cabernet and Vino Santo in the northern areas; Classico Groppellodella Valtenesi in the southern vineyards of Bardolino and Lugana.