• Date: Sunday 26 April 2020
  • Place: London
  • Starting from: 665,00 €

Born2Run is an official International Tour Operator for the 2020 London Marathon

It's one of the most beautiful running events in the world: the route from Greenwich to Buckingham Palace is wonderful and really fast, it goes on by crossing London in between its most elegant districts from the Tower Bridge to Big Ben until the final run on the Mall.

It's definitely the home Marathon for Sir Mo Farah, but right here the best runner in the world Eliud Kipchoge took the start 4 times and came out on top in every single one of them.

London Marathon 2020 is one of the most hyped events ever, with a demand that increases even more day by day.

Born2Run offers all-insclusive travel packages with guaranteed entry

London Marathon's route is very evocative.

Starting line is at Greenwich Park, where the runners will begin their adventure from 3 different points.

After 3 miles the three groups will reunite and go on in a slight downhill.
Marathon will at first go across Charlton and then New Charlton, Deptford and Bermondsey just before arriving at the notorius Tower Bridge to get on the other side of the Thames River.
From the halfway point to 21°mile, route goes into Isle of Dogs, an usually very windy stretch characterized by the Millennium Dome.

The very last part of the race follows the Thames River and gets finally to Buckingham Palace where a few meters on The Mall will bring you to the finish line in the middle of St.James Park

With Born2Run your race entry is Guaranteed!

You will be part of the B2R organization that every year brings more than 3000 runners all over the world
An absolute Top Notch assistance will be by your side in any moment during your journey, granting you every advice in order to be prepared in the best way possible to the Marathon.


The main part of London is the City of Westminster (which comprends most of West End as well), the cultural district which includes shopping and entertainment activities, the majority of the non-financial companies and of course the political hub of the city.

London is a lively turistic site all year long. A very few attractions have a closing time in any season.  You will always find what you are looking for there.