• Date: Sunday 7 November 2021
  • Place: New York City
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Born2Run is an Official International Tour Operator for the TCS NEW YORK MARATHON since 1997, and it's ready to offer you an unforgettable experience in 2021!.
NYC Marathon is one of the most hyped running events every single year, as more than 52000 people run across the Big Apple, from Brooklyn to Queens, from Manhattan to Bronx, and finally to Central Park after 26.2 miles of emotions.

Born2Run offers you a programme with great prices and great services quality, with an accurate selection of the Hotels in downtown Manhattan, which are very suitable for both pratical Marathon partecipation and enjoyable tourism.

With our prenotation you get our customized t-shirt and the possibility of taking part in our specific training sessions in Central Park lead by our coach Fulvio, 6 Major medalist!

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New York Marathon Route

NYC Marathon covers all 5 districts of the city, by beginning in Staten Island on the Verrazzano Bridge which will be closed to veichles in this special occasion.
In the very next minutes after the start the Bridge will be full of runners, creating a wonderful scene that has become a true icon of this event.
Brooklyn comes next, right after the Bridge, for 12 miles before hitting half point and getting to Queens district by crossing Pulaski Bridge. 
2 miles later it's time to cross East River on the notorious Queensboro Bridge, possibly in the most difficult stretch of the whole race and finally entering Manhattan.

Heading north on First Avenue, Bronx will be reached shortly through Willis Avenue Bridge and then the Madison Avenue one coming back in Manhattan. Route goes on with Harlem on the Fifth Avenue to Central Park South where thousands of fan will be there to cheer you in your last mile.
At Columbus Circle you will finally enter the Park and see the finish line just outside of the Tavern on The Green.


With Born2Run your race entry is Guaranteed!

You will be part of the B2R organization that every year brings to NYC more than 1000 people.
An absolute Top Notch assistance will be by your side in any moment during your journey in the US, granting you every advice in order to be prepared in the best way possible to the Marathon.

You will get the possibility to take part in our special pre-race training sessions in Central Park with our coach Fulvio, a six major Medalist.


You just can't be indifferent to the magnetic beauty of New York City.
The melting pot of cultures, inhabitants, activities and traffic is shattered by the peaceful athmosfere of Central Park.
Skyscrapers and night life fit perfectly together in a holiday spent in this wonderful city, making it something you will surely never forget.

Principal points of interst are Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis IslandBroadway, museums as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, green spaces as Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Times Square,  Chinatown in Manhattan; luxury shopping along 5th and Madison Avenue and events as Halloween parade in Greenwich Village.