• Date: Sunday 23 October 2022
  • Place: Venezia
  • Starting from: 90,00 €

Venice Marathon - 23 OTTOBRE 2022

Venicemarathon is an international marathon globally recognized certified by the IAAF Silver Label, on the Olympic distance of 42.195 kilometers, is the most classic and fascinating discipline of athletics. Today Venice Marathon is a marathon of recognized quality, as evidenced by the IAAF Silver Label. A race that even after so many years, continues to exercise a fascination and appeal vivo and in athletes (with requests that continue to be more than 8,000 seats available) that the public is always ready to accept and participate in the marathon known as propose. For all Venicemarathon is something beyond the "Marathon of Venice": a container of events and initiativesparticipate with vivid interest not only by runners. San Giuliano Park is the centerpiece of the week pre-marathon on Friday with the unveiling of Exposport and Open Sport and Saturday with three Family Run involving children and young people across the province. A focus is, as the first edition, dedicated aspect solidarity with Venicemarathon Charity Program which is testimonial Alex Zanardi on October 26th will return to racing on the streets of Venice.
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What makes Venice one of the most beautiful cities in, well, the world? Let us count the ways… There’s Venice’s unique, lovely architecture, its beautiful churches, and, of course, the show-stopping St. Mark’s Square. But what really makes Venice beautiful is the fact that it’s built entirely on canals, so there’s no traffic or bus exhaust, and along many canals, all you can hear is the lapping of the water! To make the most of Venice’s tranquil side, consider going in autumn or even in the winter, when a lovely mist hangs over the entire city. Talking about Venice, St. Mark’s square (in Italian: Piazza San Marco) is the first place that everybody thinks about. This is the biggest square in the city and here there’s the beautiful Basilica dedicated to the Saint Patron of Venice. The floor of the square is hidden by million of pigeons. Pigeons wait the tourists that feed them with bread crumbs or seeds. Maybe the image of St. Mark’s square full of pigeons is the most famous image of this city, someone use to say that in Venice there are more pigeons than inhabitants. Nowadays St. Mark’s square is the only area in Venice called “Piazza” (which means “square” in Italian), all the other areas of this kind are called “campi” (which means “gardens” in Italian). This square is the inevitable destination of all the tourists in Venice. It is surrounded of very expensive bars, real tourist traps, where you can sit and look at a live remake of Hitchcock’s “The birds”, with just one difference: here the “victims” smile, clearly happy. Another important thing is The Doge's palace. Venetians are very fond of this palace because it keeps part of their history and it has been protagonist of important facts of Venice’s life. Venetian cuisine may be divided into three main categories, based on geography: the coastal areas, the plains, and the mountains. Each one (especially the plains) can have many local cuisines, each city with its own dishes. The most common dish is polenta, which is cooked in various ways within the local cuisines of Veneto. Other popular dishes include risotto, rice cooked with many different kinds of food, from vegetables, mushrooms, pumpkin or radicchio to seafood, pork meat or chicken livers. Among the typical seasoning of Venetian cuisine, you can find butter, olive oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, kren, senape, mostarda, salsa verde.

Participation requirements 
The event is open to all athletes being at least 20 years old.
To participate in the non competitive Venicemarathon it will be enough to present an health form. Here you can download the form that has to be filled out by your doctor.
If you prefer to take part in the competitive race, have the chance to compete for the prize and be included in the FIDAL / IAAF ranking list you have to :
• hold membership of a foreign Sports Federation affiliated with IAAF and in this case you have to provide Venicemarathon with a copy of the association license or a self declaration in which you declare that you are affiliated with a sports club;
• get the FIDAL Runcard and provide Venicemarathon with a copy of the medical certification which allows you to take part in competitive races according to the Italian law.
Entry fees 2017
• 40€ from 1 to 1000 entries
• 50€ from 1001 to 2000 entries 
• 55€ from 2001 to 3000 entries 
• 60€ from 3001 to 4000 entries 
• 65€ from 4001 to 5000 entries 
• 70€ from 5001 to 6000 entries 
• 75€ from 6001 to 7000 entries 
• 80€ from 7001 entries 
Venice Marathon offers to all the runners an efficent transport service (Bus and Ferry service)  to get to the start area and to return from the finish area to Venice Tronchetto or Mestre.
Possibility to quote scheduled or low costs flights in case you need it. We will book for you also transfer from/to the airport of Venice.
Payments conditions and cancellation policy are shown in every package. There will be any cost for the trip reservation!!!
Info & Bookings: tel. +39 (0)522.272266 
You will have an immediate reply (no later than 24 Hours, excluding week-end).