With the 21st edition, the 100 km of the Sahara turns over a new page and renew itself!

After many years, a general change was opted for, with the opening of a new cycle. Change of date, formula, area and routes, a radical change directed toward favoring a complete "full immersion" in the desert.

A unique location in the heart of the Grand Erg with high quality logistical accommodation that will grant some major comforts to members and avoid all the daily movement of camps and luggage, with its attendant inconveniences.

Another great novelty "Half 100 km del Sahara for Walkers" a special program addressed to walkers that will allow them to walk 50 km in 5 stages in the heart of the Sahara desert, sharing in full the program dedicated to runners. For the first time, it also opens up the possibility for accompanying persons to share the trip with their friends or relatives: in fact, the logistical arrangement now allows for a stay in the middle of the desert with the appropriate facilities to enjoy comfort and suggestion.



100 km in 5 stages for the runners: 1st stage 12 km

2nd stage 21km

3rd stage 22 km

 4th stage 10 km (night stage)

5th stage 35 km.

All the stages start and finish at the campsite.

the race and the trip shall be confirmed with a minimum of 40 participants


Penality fees in case of cancellation

30% of the rate for cancellation up to 90 days before the departure
50% of the rate for cancellation from 89-60 days before the departure
90% of the rate for cancellation from 59-30 days before the departure
100% of the rate for cancellation from 29 days before the departure/ in case of NO-SHOW/in case of non-regular personal expatriation documents



In case of air tickets issued related to this program please note:

air tickets are non-refundable and subject to 100% penalty.


Registration: send the form directly from the website www.born2run.it click on 100 KM SAHARA, then on Registration and then send the registration. Or send an email to born2run@melville.it


Deposit: (per person) 40% participation fee + registration fee

Balance: within September 15th 2023

Bank details:

INTESA SAN PAOLO - Reggio Emilia business branch - P.zza Martiri 7 Luglio 2 - Reggio Emilia

IBAN: IT08 L030 6912 8281 0000 0002 364 / BIC: BCITITMM

Headed to: Melville Travel & Leisure S.R.L. - Reggio Emilia


Or by credit card, directly from the website www.born2run.it




ZITOWAY Sport & Adventure – Modena  info@zitoway.com   +39 059 359813


Agenzia Melville / Born2Run - Reggio Emilia   born2run@melville.it  +39 0522 272266

Transfers Transfers will be by bus, transfer times will be, about 5/6 hours from Tunis to Douz and vice versa.


Accommodation In Hammamet 4* hotel with dinner and breakfast, in Douz accommodation will be at 4* hotels with breakfast lunch and dinner service when provided in the respective programs. The program includes 4 nights at the hotel and 3 nights at the camp. At the camps the overnight stay will be in tents with beds, sleeping 2 (on request) or 4, own sleeping bag necessary. The management of the camps, including the catering service will be by the local organization with the supervision of the Italian chef for the food and the organization's staff for the camp.


Documents A responsability waiver form must be filled and signed by all the runners and walkers. No admission to the race without this document will be allowed.


Temperatures Temperatures during the months of October/November will be warm to hot, expecially in the late morning hours. A water supply of at least 1 liter at the start line is mandatory.

Terrain The race course is characterized by the typical surfaces of desert territories: sand dunes, hard and compact tracks with crossings of sand tongues.


Race pack

There is a simple list of mandatory equipment for the race: at least 1 liter of water in the backpack water bag or water bottles, mineral salts, survival cloth, whistle, lighter, headlamp. A hat, sunglasses, high protective factor sunscreen, pocket knife and Compeed plasters are highly recommended.

Time limit No time limit for the first 4 stages; for the 35 km stage time limit is 5 hours.

Night stage

The fourth night stage 10 km doesn’t require to wear the race pack, but a headlamp with a red flashing light in the rear part is mandatory. The course will be marked with reflectant signals.


Medical assistance The race medical staff consists of italian doctors.